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May 2010

May 2010 carries the numerological frequency of a six.

M=4, A=1, Y= 7

4+1+7= 12

1+2= 3

2010 = 2+0+1+0 = 3

3+3 = 6

Six months can be polarizing. They can bring self-indulgence, indecision, and excess or at the other end of the scale they can produce a month full of compassion, responsibility, harmony and charisma.

All numbers have good and bad qualities but 6 seems to be a number that has much more opposing positions than others. As you go through May, which is also under the presence of Mercury retrograde until the 12th of the month, make wise choices about the paths that unfold. Know that you can rise to the top of the mountain or fall into an emotional abyss. It is your choice and that needs to be consciously recognized throughout the month. Donít let May fall to the side of indecision and excess in any area. Care for your health, your home, and most importantly, yourself.

Relationships can be strained in a six month. Test yourself and see if you can balance conflicts that may arise with respect and consideration for everyone involved. Remember that people react to your energy. If you are compassionate they will move in that direction; maybe not as quickly as you would like, but they will get there.

On the business front - wait until Mercury returns to station on the 12th before presenting new ideas. Use the early part of May to clear your desk and finish projects you may have started some time ago. Expression of ideas and searching for resolutions can be wonderful in a six month.

In your personal life May is a perfect month for deeper inner-connection work. Meditation, nature hikes, gardening, connection to the Earth, are tools to assist in going within. If you are uncomfortable with the process of meditation, utilize a guided meditation that will help you start. There are several available on the website including a Beginners Meditation.

This month can be one of the best if you maintain a consciousness of who you truly are and approach all of life with the same respect and consideration you want to receive.



May is a six!

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