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April 2010

April 2010 carries the number frequency of a five. April is a two and 2010 equals three. Together they are five - a month that provides you with a choice of directions.

Five months are what you make of them. They can be filled with uncertainty, irritation and hesitance or a five month can be a thriving, healthy time. This is true for both your personal and professional realities so walk into April 2010 knowing that you are the co-creator of every experience this month brings.

Maintaining a balance in self is the best way to counteract any potential negativity that might come your way. Knowing that your truth is yours and that other individuals might not agree with it will help overcome some of the irritations that might try to sneak in this month, especially in the business world. Be prepared for obstructionists who haven’t maintained their center and remember that everyone will be tested by outside influences.

If you business environment feels stifled tap into your own creativity to revive it, as this is a great time to contribute ideas that will be noticed by the boss. Avoid letting water cooler politics interfere with your goals. Keep your focus and you’ll fly through this month with ease.

On the personal front don’t let anyone, even your special partner, get under your skin. Understand that a five month stimulates irritants as a means of teaching a lesson of balance. Strive to reach yours!

A five month usually presents adventure. If you are so inclined this is a great time to explore. Whether it is an inner adventure of self-discovery or an exterior adventure that propels you in a different direction, it can be beneficial on all levels of your reality.

Make the best of April by communing with Nature to seek your own harmony. It is, after all, Earth Month here at (We need more than a day to celebrate our planet.) Try a walking meditation or sit quietly beneath a tree connecting to the Divine through Nature.

Take plenty of ‘me time’ to maintain your center of harmony and April will prove to be a bountiful month.



April 2010 is a 5


Connect in Harmony

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