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February 2010

February (a six) 2010 (a three) carries the vibration of a nine.

Nine months are filled with renewed vigor, humanitarianism and psychic consciousness. This will be a month full of awakenings and intuition, as well as compassion and energy.

It is the perfect time to let spirit soar in all aspects of your personal ingenuity. Creative juices will flow and you may be tempted to paint either on canvas or a wall, whatever the medium allow your creativity to materialize.

Your intuitive skills will be heightened. Pay attention to dreams, synchronicity, and that inner voice that leads you on a daily basis. Your Higher Self may be communicating in ways you arenít accustomed to, so donít overlook or ignore anything. It will be important to dedicate time for clearing your mind and meditation. Even if you only devote a few minutes a day to a specific centering process you will reap the benefits.

Your business life may feel a bit more hectic this month as ideas will be abundant and it may feel as though there is little time to see them to fruition. Relax with the challenges and take them as they come - one at a time. This way you will maintain a focus on all that needs to be seen to.

Your personal life will most likely be filled with lively discussions. New people that will open many doors of your mind may enter your world this month. Be receptive to others thoughts but be certain to follow the path of resonates with your heart.

You might feel a strong need to be of service to others. If you have the ability to do so, whether it is in the form of donation of goods, services or time, do it. Be careful that you donít approach service to others based on any form of guilt as service is of most benefit when it comes from a place of passion and compassion.

I have a friend who works for the city government. As budget cuts increased and library services were cut, she volunteered her Saturday mornings to restock books. After a month she admitted that she was doing it because she felt guilty that her position had not been cut and was miserable every Saturday morning. When she realized her service was coming from a place of guilt, she decided to resign that position and take one that she was both passionate and compassionate about. Today she is an adult literary advocate helping adults learn to read and loves every moment of her volunteer work.

February has the ability to bring humanitarian service, psychic consciousness and abundant energy to the forefront of your life. Open your heart and embrace it all!



It's a nine month!

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