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September 2009

September 2009 is a 6!

September 2009 carries the frequency of a six.

Six months can send mixed signals. It is an energy that is often viewed as the number of hesitance and indecision as well as stubbornness, self-righteousness, or dominance. They can also be months that are caring and nurturing. They can be months that bind families and friends together. And they can be months that bring up kindness, generosity and sympathetic understanding.

Since we are also facing a Mercury retrograde cycle this month it is even more important that we take the responsibility to strive for and attain the higher vibrations of the number six.

You might find yourself feeling misunderstood. Don’t create a pity party for yourself. Instead look for ways to clarify the points you are trying to make and keep in mind that those points may not be in alignment with everyone’s views.

During six months many people report feeling tired, worn down and out, and unfulfilled. Some even say that they would like to crawl into a hole somewhere and hide. Thought that may be an inclination you need to move in the opposite direction.

Make a concerted effort to be out and about with friends and family and at the same time make more room in your life for introspection. This is an ideal month to have discussions with friends that might bring up new ideas and concepts that you want to explore deeper as they apply to your life.

Opening avenues for new thoughts is always beneficial, especially when they lead to discoveries within one’s self.

Try not to be too cavalier about life in general as this is a serious time in each of our lives. Just remember that a six-month, especially this one, needs a balance of earnest examination and delight.

  • To learn more about this Mercury retrograde cycle please read our astrology columns.

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