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August 2009

August 2009 carries the frequency of a one.

August will probably be a month of beginnings and creativity as those are the numerological assignments to a one-month. It might be the time we really see economic indicators turn a real corner for the better.

Expect your professional and personal life to be full of energy and new concepts as this is a month when extraordinary ideas can come into reality. Not much will seem to follow the Ďnormí and will instead be a time of focus and excitement.

If you are employed you will probably see that the business begins to open to new directives. If you are self-employed donít be afraid to explore avenues and possibilities that might break through to new goals on once distant horizons.

The workplace may feel very different as many will want to contribute their ideas and you might find yourself examining these with an extra bit of scrutiny. Be open in your communications and thoughts and you can make changes that create new beginnings.

You might feel drawn to new ideologies in your personal life. Discussion groups like the Encounter Board or chat rooms like ours on can help expand your horizons. Even if the concept seems off the wall, this is a good month to look a little closer and see if there is something in it that intrigues you.

Because this is a month representing creation of the new, be certain to spend solitary time to explore the depths of self. Connect with your Higher Self through meditations and invite the connection with the Creator. Be open to dreams and all experiences of the paranormal as August has a month frequency that can bring about amazing personal growth.



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