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Career Compatibility Numbers

This form of numerology is accurate more often than not. Since the each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value and numbers have harmonics, it is interesting to see if your chosen profession or what you would rather being doing has a harmony with your name, birth path and destiny numbers.

I'll provide the example with my numbers:

My name number is a 1.

My birth path number is 9.

Add my name number and birth path number together and my destiny number is a 1.

The destiny number is the key.

As I said on my biography page, I have always considered myself a communicator. Add each of those letter's number values. The total is a 1. My destiny is in perfect harmony with my chosen profession.

Sometimes, our chosen career does not coincide with our destiny number. Different factors can influence our life, lifestyles and the choices we make. The best way to test the compatibility number is to determine what it is you think you really want to do in life and add the number values of those letters. Then compare it to the number values your current profession. You might actually find that your present job is better suited to your destiny.


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