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Questionnaire 2 - Aging

Ten percent of the people living on our planet today are over sixty years of age and a 1999 study found that there were 50,000 people that were over the age of 100 living in the United States. Statistics indicate that by the year 2030 twenty-five percent of the public will be over 65 years of age and by the year 2050 there may be one million American centenarians. That may be the largest percentage of seniors this planet has experienced since the days of Methuselah.

The growing numbers of senior citizens represent a group of healthier, more physically and mentally active individuals than were recent generations. Present day seniors are better educated, more knowledgeable about diet and more interested in living life to its fullest. Studies show that people that reach the age of 65 today are 92 percent more likely to live to be 80 years old.

Where do you think you stand in this aging population? This little survey is not medical or scientific, but it can help provide you with an indication of what your potential senior moments may be like.

Here is how to score yourself:

Give yourself 5 points for every Yes answer.

Give yourself 0 points for every Sometimes answer.

Give yourself -5 points for every No answer.

1. Do you cope well with stress?

2. Do you incorporate fruits & vegies into your diet?

3. Do you avoid fried or fatty foods?

4. Do you sleep long enough and soundly?

5. Do you have a healthy sex life?

6. Do you limit your intake of caffeine?

7. Do you have a pet?

8. Do you minimize the amount of meat in your diet?

9. Do you believe in God?

10. Do you pray, meditate or visualize everyday?

11. Do you practice holistic or preventative health care?

12. Do you take vitamins?

If you scored 45 or more points, you will probably have an energetic and gratifying experience from your golden years.

If you scored between 30 and 40 points, you might have some room for improvement, but you will probably enjoy being a senior.

If you scored less than 30 points… well, maybe you should consider an overhaul of your present lifestyle?


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