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Feng Shui - Too Much Yin Energy

Simple Solutions for an Abundance of Yin Energy Around a Structure

If you are living in a structure that is surrounded by yin energy, try some of these solutions to help balance the energy. The objective is to create a harmonious balance through natures gifts of yang energy: light, color and stone.

  • If you have a fence surrounding the structure paint it a bright, lively color

  • Plant small flowering trees and shrubs around the structure

  • Keep large shade trees trimmed to allow in sunlight

  • Plant flowers, especially those with red blooms close to the structure

  • Place decorative boulders or curved pathways of pebbles around the structure

  • Place decorative outdoor lights in the garden and along the pathways

  • Place wind chimes in the garden

  • Keep your porch well lit at all times

  • If your front door faces a hospital or church, paint the door a vibrant red which is a strong yang color

  • If your windows open to a hospital or church, keep them closed and covered with a yang colored fabric

Simple Solutions for an Abundance of Yin Energy In a Structure

Bring yin energy into balance by creating yang energy within the structure. Try these solutions:

  • Trim trees and shrubs so that they do not block out yang sunlight

  • Keep curtains open to allow sunlight into the room

  • Paint interior walls with white or a warm yang color such as yellow

  • Window treatments should bring light into the room and be colorful

  • Weather permitting, keep the windows open

  • Make certain there are plenty of lights in a yin room

  • Use natural or full spectrum light bulbs

  • Keep a light on at all times

  • Add flowers or plants to the room

  • Add red or orange accent pillows

  • Hang wind chimes or mobiles

  • Keep some form of sound (such as a radio) in the room


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