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Analyzing Feng Shui

Feng Shui is much more than a passing fad for New Agers. In fact, it has been practiced, in a variety or forms, for thousands of years. Originating in ancient China, feng shui, which literally translates as 'wind and water', is both a science and an art form which are utilized together to create a balance of qi or chi energy.

The study of natural and artificial objects, their interaction with each other and the resulting pattern of energy they create was a treasured secret of the ancient Chinese feng shui masters. For them this was a practical knowledge that followed the rhythms of nature and the universe to achieve harmony in life.

Practitioners of feng shui believe the energies that surround us in our homes or offices either contribute to our life or conflict with our life. If the energy surrounding us is obstructed, we will be obstructed. Obstruction to a person can include conflicts, lack of prosperity, discomfort in relationships and ill health. If the energy surrounding us is allowed to flow without interruption, our lives will reflect that as well.

Often people (especially in the western world) do not recognize energy which cannot be seen or touched. Therefore, they do not realize that they are affected by its presence. An example of this unrecognized energy and its unrealized effect is touching us right now. The unseen energy of electro-magnetic fields are affecting all of us that are sitting in front of our computers. Scientists are now proving that an electro-magnetic field has an adverse affect on us. Perhaps we are beginning to comprehend the validity of energy that the ancient Chinese and other cultures understood all along?

There are several diverse practices of feng shui: the traditional pa kau, Chinese birth astrology, and others, which are often used in conjunction with each other. Feng shui is, in its most simplistic meaning, the harmony of yin yang energy.

Yin energy is considered dark, cold and female. Yang energy is considered light, warm and male. These two opposing polarities are, in their union, equal, interdependent and complimentary which creates a balance of the chi.

But, if either yin or yang energy is dominant, there will be no balance. Like a river, energy, has a natural path. When it is not obstructed, it flows. When it is dammed up, it stops, creating a disharmony in the natural balance. One side of the dam is full of water, the other is reduced to a small stream. The result is that the natural harmony is no longer in balance.

To determine whether or not your residence or office has too much yin or too much yang, examine its neighbors. Is the structure close to a church, graveyard, hospital or a police station? These types of buildings emit an excess of yin energy. Is your structure near an electrical transformer, or a large factory or refinery? Does it receive constant sunlight or heat? These are sources of excessive yang energies.

A room that has too much yin energy is dark, damp, cramped, and most likely decorated in shades of blue or gray. A room where a person has died or been ill for an extended period of time also has too much yin energy.

Rooms that have too much yang energy receive hot afternoon sun, have loud noises (such as music or television) and are decorated in reds or yellows.

Every structure and room in a structure should have a balance of both energies for your optimal well-being. Some simple solutions can completely alter the dominant energy and create a balance. Experiment with some of techniques designed to balance energy and feel the difference for yourself.


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