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Are Dreams Hidden Treasures?

Henry Thoreau said, "If one advances in the direction of his dreams, he will meet with success unexpected in waking hours."

Accurate as Thoreau's words may be, the key is in the interpretation of the dream concept. This is best done by the dreamer, but we have assembled several dream interpretations to provide a path. Almost any dream, even those about other people are most likely a reflection of an aspect of yourself. Symbolic dreams tell us so much about ourselves and our lives. You can best determine the meaning of your dream and that can only be achieved by sincere evaluation of all of the content and of yourself.


Abandonment dreams often follow separation, divorce or loss of a loved one, including a pet. These dreams help you cope with and move through this period of your life.

Acting suggests insincerity or a pretense. Check to see if you are being honest and true to yourself. Then determine if someone around you is acting.

Angels may be messengers from your subconscious or superconscious and may be delivering something to your conscious mind. They may also be protectors that watch over you.

Airplane travel means you are feeling independent and self confident, unless you are afraid of flying, then traveling on a plane in your dreams may be a way of confronting your fear and an aid to overcoming it.

Animals represent our more primitive animal instincts and habits, which can include playfulness, uninhibited feelings and intuition. Dreaming about a specific type of animal indicates a close review of that animals characteristics as they might apply to you.

Asleep may mean that you are unaware or not paying attention.

Bag, Baggage are places for your most intimate ideas, emotions and hopes. Try looking into the bag to see what's there.

Ballet depicts graceful fluid movement and harmony in relationships.

Bathing is often indicative of a need or desire to cleanse or purify.

Boxes reflect a confined feeling and a desire for freedom.

Bridges mean that you are moving from one stage of life or expression to another. Meeting on a bridge indicates a willingness to compromise.

Burning can symbolize anger, but it can also represent a need to change and transform.

Cage dreams have two interpretations: 1) a feeling of being trapped or 2) a feeling of being safe. Sometimes the two feelings are one and the same.

Car is a symbol of the ego and your driving force. If you are driving, you feel in control, but if you are in the backseat, you feel controlled.

Cash depicts an exchange. It could be ideas, freedom or power; but in a dream about cash something is given to receive something else.

Chasing something indicates the pursuit of a goal. Being chased implies a feeling of helplessness or a fear that should be more closely examined.

Crying represents regret for an word or action. This type of dream is bringing a side of us that should be examined or changed to the conscious mind.

Dancing is indicative of the harmony of achievement that may already be integrated into your life or should be considered.

Dawn indicates your desire for enlightenment and is often a precursor to superconscious or lucid dreaming.

Despair is a warning that is telling you to do some self examination and change attitudes.

Digging is the act of uncovering something that has been hidden or ignored for whatever reason. These dreams can open new realms, physically or spiritually, when the uncovering is accomplished.

Diving is indicative of taking a chance or expressing yourself in new and vital ways.

Earthquakes are drastic or dramatic changes that are needed in your life or, as a warning, they can be interpreted as preparation for changes that are coming into your life. On a superconscious level they can be a warning of an actual physical earthquake. Pay heed to both possibilities.

Eating symbolizes spiritual nourishment, but overeating or starving symbolizes a need to feed the soul.

Embracing in a dream reminds us that we can trust ourselves.

Exercising can tell us that we are moving about with little or no accomplishment or it can tell us to exercise more control over a situation in life.

Explosions may warn that you may not be able to control feelings and emotions.

Falling dreams are important and should be examined carefully. They usually warn us that we are falling below our own expectations.

Famous People in your dreams are people whose talents or characteristics you compare to you own talents or characteristics.

Fasting indicates a need for a spiritual cleansing.

Feeding is the need to nourish yourself or, if you are feeding someone else, you are supporting another.

Flying can be an illustration of the ability to rise above a problem or difficult situation or it may reflect your desire to reach a higher level mentally, physically or spiritually.

Garbage may be telling you to do a spiritual house cleaning and let go of objects, ideals and concepts that may burden you.

Giving to yourself means that you need some soul nourishment and often reflects back to the ability to receive. Giving to others can symbolize your need to be more giving to yourself.

Going Home symbolizes your attachment and attunement to God.

Golden Threads demonstrate a connection of love between physical or spiritual beings.

Gravel indicates that you are in uncertain territory and need to proceed carefully.

Hair symbolizes vitality and strength. If it is loose and free-flowing it indicates freedom. If it is braided or in a bun it represents constraints.

Hanging Clothes indicates you are opening to your emotions and attitudes and confronting issues in your life.

Heaven is a high state of consciousness, oneness and harmony.

Hotel Rooms indicate a transient state in your life that is often spiritual or psychic.

House usually is representative of you and the rooms of your house depict different aspects of your personality. Study these dreams carefully for they are usually full of clues about your perception of yourself.

Ice symbolizes the barrier between the conscious and unconscious mind. It can also represent sexual repression.

Indigestion indicates that you are not accepting something in your life.

Insects and being surrounded by them may indicate that you are feeling inadequate or unfulfilled by the role you have chosen.

Island represents a feeling of isolation.

Jail dreams are saying that you feel closed in and need to break free of restraints.

Jupiter symbolizes personal optimism and extravagance.

Jury implies judgment and can often be a warning to not judge oneself or others too harshly.

Keys not only provide a solution to a problem, but also the ability to lock away a secret.

Kisses can show platonic or sexual affection, but they can also symbolize betrayal and deception.

Kitchens are a source of spiritual nourishment.

Kites are often indicative of high ideals you are holding onto or a struggle you are facing.

Knives in dreams symbolize a separation and often show up in nightmares when a person has experienced a separation or divorce.

Labels are symbology for the identification you place on yourself. Removing labels indicates a desire to learn or move forward in life.

Lace is see-through and indicates something being used to persuade or entice.

Lawns symbolize a balance of the earth and life.

Lines can have multiple meanings: towing the line, walking the line, guidelines, clothes lines or drawing the line. Each has a specific relationship to the dreamer.

Lost dreams or a dream of being lost occur often in the elderly. The symbology is the desire to feel needed and accomplished. Pay attention to these dreams and set new goals for yourself.

Makeup is indicative of the face you put on for the rest of the world to see.

Maps symbolize a need for direction or goals in life. Difficulty reading a map indicates confusion. Losing a map indicates you feel you have lost your way.

Mars means energy, independence and courage.

Monster dreams may be telling you to examine repressed emotions, hostility and fear.

Music symbolizes divine influences and harmony at work in your life.

Naked dreams usually indicate we are embarrassed by an aspect of our personality that we have unsuccessfully tried to hide from the world.

Needles are indicative of mending one's ways.

Oil makes things move smoothly and may be a hint to apply more love and nurturing to a relationship.

Offices are symbolic of discipline, order and organization and represent your place, as you see it, in the world.

Operations are indicative a drastic changes needed in your life. Superconscious dreams of operations may indicate a health concern.

Opposite implies a knowledge of something confronting you.

Outer Space indicates mystical experiences or may symbolize the creative productivity of your mind.

Pack is a burden you carry with you, often on a subconscious level.

Packing and being undecided about what to take and what to leave, symbolizes confusion or lack of decision about your life and its directions. Packing can also indicate a compression of information or things.

Parades can symbolize how we have become sidetracked in life and possibly lost sight of a goal.

Pebbles indicate little irritations, challenges and conflicts in life.

Play may refer to the parts we play, in life or we may be telling ourselves that we need less work and more play.

Quarrels in dreams mirror inner conflicts.

Quilts symbolize security, comfort and protection.

Reaching symbolizes communication and the need to receive from others.

Red Lights can be warning to pay specific attention to what is happening in your life. They can also indicate a feeling that you have prostituted your talents or creativity.

Revolving Doors imply moving in circles and going nowhere.

Roads represent your direction in life. If they are straight, you feel you are progressing. If the road is curved, you may be uncertain of your direction.

Running dreams may be trying to tell you that you are avoiding responsibilities and running away from life.

School is a place to be educated, but it is also a place to be tested.

Snakes signify power, renewal and transformation.

Stores are places where one makes choices and dreaming of a store may indicate you are facing choices in your life.

Storms reflect violent events and signify feeling overwhelmed. They also represent pent up feelings and emotions that need to be released.

Suitcases represent your inner-most private feelings or a place to hide your emotions.

Teeth can indicate hostility. If you dream of losing a tooth you may be concerned about having said something painful to someone.

Telephone dreams symbolize communications with the inner self.

Televisions that are turned on indicate you are tuned into yourself and ready to receive. If it is turned off you aren't using your abilities to your fullest.

Time dreams reflect anxiety and pressure.

Trains in dreams symbolize a feeling of someone else controlling your life.

Umbrellas are protection from outside influences or emotional storms.

Vacations suggest you make need a break from your daily routine or a rest. This dream is often a warning to take better care of yourself.

Wands symbolize spiritual power and transformation.

Water signifies overwhelming emotions and often a crisis the dreamer is facing in life.

Weddings can imply the merging of opposites and a new-found harmony achieved through unity.

Wings are the ancient symbol of the soul expressing freedom and joy. The connection is to the spiritual realms and not to the material world.

Writing indicates that something is moving to the conscious level of understanding. It is an expression of self and the ability to communicate.

X-rays are indicative of the ability to see people or situations as they really are rather than how they appear.

Yoga symbolizes self discipline and control of a given situation.

Zero implies the absence of quality or quantity and can be a direction to focus on goals.


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