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Chakra Sky Jewelry

What is Chakra Sky Jewelry?

By: Shirley MacLaine

Align your Spirit, Body, and Mind with sacred geometrical forms and the healing colors of the rainbow that have been enhanced with energy technology to move the chi in the body.

Purchase your Chakra Sky Jewelry Now!

Chakra Sky Jewelry is time, space, and consciousness with the frequency of becoming one from Santa Fe, which is a big jewel itself.

Each individual has the right and the duty to use the potential knowledge of harmony and alignment within. We are at a crossroads of integrating the physical and the spiritual, with the role of consciousness just beginning to be understood.

It is time for spiritual technology to become specifically understood and taught. Use of meditation upon the chakras allows a person to envisage the world that lies within and to benefit from it.

I have embedded my Chakra jewelry on the forms and shapes of Sacred Geometry. Their combination of color and sacred forms helps enhance and amplify our inner power.

Design your own!

You choose the Chakra Gemstones and your Sacred Geometric forms to create a happier, more balanced you.

  • Chakras and colors - A video by Shirley

  • Read about the Chakras.

  • Read about Energy Enhancement

  • Read about the sacred stones you may select for this Chakra Sky Jewelry design.

    Purchase your Chakra Sky Jewelry Now!

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    Chakra Sky Ring


    Spirit Steering Pendant


    Swirl to God Ring


    Swirl to God Earrings


    Spirit Steering Earrings


    Safe Landing Pendant

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