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Self Discovery

We may think we know our physical body, our mental make up and/or our spiritual being, but the parameters of body, mind and spirit that we think we understand expand and contract with each passing day. So what bends and alters our personal understanding of self? It might be anything from age to traumas to something as simple as a meditation or recognizing the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Almost any aspect of life will influence what we really know about ourselves. So, do we really know ourselves?

We know that the trinity of mind, body and spirit compliment each other, but do we understand that on a daily life basis? Do we acknowledge that mental stress can, and usually does, produce an adverse physical reaction in the body? Do we comprehend that if the spirit is not being tended to, the mind and body will not function at their optimum levels? Do we recognize that all three of these energies (physical, mental and spiritual) must receive nourishment in order for each of us to be whole?

Of course we know this. The real question is do we implement what we know? I think most of us would honestly answer, "Sometimes". But this implementation should be a daily responsibility, like brushing your teeth. To discern and to understand what is being experienced and how we are reacting and interacting with that experience should be as important as any other faucet of life. Learning about you comes naturally and this natural process can be accelerated by acting on what we know to be true. And that means a brutally honest dialogue with yourself.

Although there are many directions one can pursue when embarking on a journey of self discovery, sometimes the path is best begun by asking yourself some very direct questions. The key is to answer them honestly.

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