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Libra (September 23-October 22) Weekly Horoscope

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Your element is Air

Libra is ruled by Venus

Symbol: The Scales

For the week of April 21st


You are probably handling the Grand Cardinal Cross much better than others in the cardinal signs though you are still a center of something going on around you. Mars is still Retrograde in Libra that keeps you stirred and alert to potential issues though you are handling everything okay. Be sure you are managing your energy and not going overboard or exhausting yourself. Major areas of your life are in flux such as your home life, your career, your relationships and it all hinges on what you want for yourself and the decisions you are making. Take time to evaluate your choices and needs in the mix of what you want and ensure there is an equal opportunity for fulfillment so that you are in harmony with others important to you.


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