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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of July 28, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Burning Desire and Powerful Conviction is the Focus – Venus, Mercury and Mars along with the First Quarter Scorpio Moon help you to shift your direction toward a true path.

Midway between the Leo New Moon and the Aquarius Full Moon on August 10 has Venus, Mercury and Mars creating a few twists and turns that bring attention to exactly what you need to know and reveals exactly what is happening so that you are better able to refine your actions and choices and then move in a positive and strong direction. Right away, this week Venus and Pluto opposing provides depth and realization that may be a bit unsettling although essential to help you to see and work with truth and life as it is happening. Later in the week when Mars and Jupiter form a sharp angle you learn what you need and want and can sort out essentials from desires.

Mercury in Leo from July 31 to August 15 is also about the self and personal identity with an emphasis on self-expression. What you do and say is sensitized and more noticeable. Social media expands with more and more people onboard and active. The new term, selfie, that is taking photos of oneself to upload and present to the world, postings and every kind of communication takes on a greater theatrical hue. Some will grandstand and others will seem to endlessly be on a soapbox. Within it all, emerging discrimination and discernment bubbles up that puts a scrutinizing eye on opinions and what is said and done. You may see this in your own personal environment as the endless stream of talk and antics for attention continue. There may be a mad dash to seek entertainment as if it’s the last opportunity placing personal importance on everything that is done and said. Drama is rampant.

Keep in mind that the week is also about decisions that ultimately bring balance and calm as you establish a positive and proactive direction while the lunar tide builds toward fulfillment of dreams and goals. Now is a stepping stone process that is clearer and more defined as you eliminate the superfluous.

The Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers are beginning, so watch your local area for when and where they can be seen.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Moon in Leo/Virgo

Venus opposite Pluto at 2:36 AM shows you what you need to know about what you have been doing and where the strengths and weaknesses are within those actions and desires. This angle helps you to see blocks and resistance so that you can evaluate your goals and intentions with the greater truth in mind. This is a dose of reality worthy of note and where there is resistance to the reality, breaks may happen either with something you have strived for or a personal association.

During the transit of the Moon through Virgo from 11:37 PM today until next Thursday you are drawn to all the small things that need attention. Taking care of business in all ways is the theme. Watch that you are not overly detailed to the detriment of being able to make headway and achieve your intended goal. Health is sensitized. Spend time going over nutrition and all health needs to ensure you are taking responsibility for how you physically feel. Work routine and schedule and even required performance tasks are on the table to be managed.

The Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers happen day and tomorrow and may be seen throughout August.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Moon in Virgo

The Moon sextile Mars at 3:03 AM is nice energy to move things along in a smooth way and easy going progression. A positive and overall good spirit about things ensues.

While the Moon opposes Neptune at 1:46 PM the atmosphere is obscured causing a lack of clarity. It is best to think twice before jumping into anything and to take a scrutinizing view where you are asked to be involved in anything unusual or that seems not quite up to par. Things easily become misunderstood and go awry.

Fortitude is the marker of the 11:16 PM trine of the Moon and Pluto lending confidence and the feeling that anything can be accomplished. Someone may feel their oats and be ready to take a plunge.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moon in Virgo

While the Moon and Venus sextile at 4:26 AM the energy is positive for connecting to others and spending social time. The environment is easygoing and there is congeniality among friends and most others. This time provides a pleasant energy for good intention and a positive outcome to what is done.

The 9:28 AM Moon sextile Saturn continues to bring in compatibility and the ability to move forward. This ray levels out imbalance and helps you to maintain your stance and strength. Being calm and steadfast are markers.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moon in Virgo/Libra

The Moon sextile Mercury at 10:48 AM is nice for tending to communication of every kind but particularly what moves fast such as emails, texts and phone calls. This helps to establish a good pattern or system of connecting to others and also your approach.

The Moon in Libra cycle from 12:10 PM until Saturday brings to mind all those areas of life that need refining and sorting through for smoother function. Seeing where you are either very in sync or out of balance with another such as a partner is on the surface.

Mercury enters Leo at 6:46 PM where it travels until August 15, adding to the focus on your ideal image of yourself. Much thought and time is put into what you want to do personally and also how you project yourself outwardly into the world. Words have spark and all kinds of creativity is stirred. It is a good cycle for publicity campaigns and presentations.

At 7:03 PM the Moon sextile Jupiter is very helpful for making something happen. You feel good and the general atmosphere is beaming with good will and interest in expressing the better aspects of life. It is overall a positive influence.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Moon in Libra

Venus square Uranus at 12:43 AM is the curve ball you did not see coming or the sudden fly in the ointment. Plans have cancellations and changes without explanation and something falls apart. This is not a time to begin relationships or events as they have complication and lack longevity.

The 6:16 AM sextile of the Moon and Sun is a kind of leveling energy that pulls something through, makes life a bit easier and helps to move along in an environment of agreement. This is an angle of cooperation.

Venus trine Saturn at 6:23 AM gives strength and quality to creative work and also relationships. Romance and what you desire benefits. Laying groundwork and commitment has a lasting quality. Establishing something goes far.

Avoid involvement at 11:14 AM when the Moon and Pluto square each other. Something easily goes wrong and someone may be intent on having dominance or their own way at all costs. There are wasted efforts and it can be self-defeating.

Mars square Jupiter at 6:46 PM takes a lot of energy and causes dissipation and loss. It is the proverbial uphill climb leading nowhere. Money burns fast and energy is wasted. It is best to wait to engage fully where you must apply yourself so that you are not frustrated and lose out. Something can quickly go too far without purpose.

The Moon opposite Uranus at 8:45 PM fragments the atmosphere and splits groups into argumentative states. Moods swing and the erratic behavior of some causes irritation. Little is reliable right now.

There are conflicting goals and lack of compatibility at 10:58 PM due to the Moon square Venus. There are mixed emotions and little is accomplished socially and creatively. Wait until a better time to initiate plans.

Saturday, August 2, 02014

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 3:34 PM is energetic and fills the air with all kinds of ideas and plans. This is mental energy in high gear that brings thoughts and dialogue about a goal and what is wanted to a strong point of desire for fulfillment. Gossip spreads like wildfire and also a positive approach or spin is expanded as well.

Mercury square Mars at 8:02 PM is a tailspin for communication and even travel plans can suddenly be off the table. Fast turns and even erratic attitudes can occur without warning that is surprising. There can be a lot of dialogue and little accomplished. Someone may have conviction at a fever pitch but there is more talk than substance. Avoid zealots and anyone who talks too fast or too loud.

The Moon in Scorpio phase from 10:57 PM until next Tuesday brings depth and serious thinking. Mental attitudes and thoughts are more about deep feelings, desires and where personal power is important. Getting to the core of something and finding purpose is central.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Moon in Scorpio

Too much emphasis can be on what you want versus what you need when the square between the Moon and Jupiter peaks at 6:33 AM. You or someone may have a tendency to go too far that also goes nowhere. Things spiral down and leave little accomplished for all the heightened interest or enthusiasm that is misplaced.

The 7:32 AM lunar conjunction to Mars causes the impulse to act fast and so is a prompt to be impulsive without forethought. Avoid prodding another or pushing and also step away from anyone who may want to push you to do something that you feel uneasy about.

Wrong words and wrong moves cause problems at 9:11 AM when the Moon is square Mercury, so wait if you feel compelled to act without thinking. There can be hidden misunderstandings or something said out of turn. When traveling you may experience a detour or the destination point is not as anticipated.

It is easy to tap into what is happening around you through the Moon trine Neptune at 11:58 AM. This ray heightens intuition and sensitizes awareness of the environment. It also helps you to express your feelings and anything that has been difficult to say. Pay attention to your emotions.

Fortitude defines the Moon sextile Pluto at 8:46 PM. This vibration gives strength and confidence that helps you to go far and make headway. It is an angle of winning and being able to carry forward to completion an idea, a goal or whatever you do.

The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio at 8:50 PM is the half way mark between the recent New Moon in Leo and the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10. This point is grist for everything of a personal nature and especially regarding your sense of self and personal identity. How something is structured is important to investigate and rework.

For the Week

Key words:

Listen; adjust; rethink; confirm; accept; declare; fulfill; restructure; actual; heartfelt; decide


As I adjust to balance within I feel my own personal truth leading me toward fulfillment.


Walking along a winding road at twilight I pause and then step forward into an ever changing path that holds opportunity at every turn.

Colors & Stones:

Sunstone; yellow topaz; onyx; chrysocolla; carnelian; sardonyx; tiger eye

Oils & Herbs:

Patchouli; frankincense; purple heather; chamomile; neroli; orange; sandalwood; clove

Even though there is much stirring of energy right now, Venus helps you to establish something solid that soothes the spirit and nurtures true desire for fulfillment. As you recognize and link your actions to what you want to do you will find an automatic response of manifestation and peace in knowing it is right for you.

Scorpio is a powerful energy this week through the First Quarter Moon and Mars that brings out your greatest passions and desires to fulfill something important to you. When there is a strong desire for fulfillment the karmic factor in life comes to the fore with a unique attention getting reality. You feel and you also see certain truths about what you want that holds the stark reality of intention and purpose. As you interact with others that is part of the celestial pattern this week, through Venus you discover what is working and what needs adjusting within those relationships. Even your own personal desire to achieve a goal or to manifest something ideal is met with this same need to see what is actually happening. Feelings and motivating undercurrents are surfaced to give you an opportunity to refine your choices. Personal realizations are beneficial and quite profound. Quietly making significant decisions will help you to have inner peace and confidence about what you want to do and to know how to go about achieving it.

Celestial patterns this week remind you that life is a journey and that you are on a continual path of action, reaction, experiences and enlightenment through all your encounters and that personal choice creates personal reality.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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