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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of September 29, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

The Sun and Pluto Trigger Significant Events and Mercury Takes You on an Inward Journey of Self-discovery.

So much is happening in the heavens this week that I begin with asking, where should I start first? This is a time when it is almost going to be concluded with, “to be continued” although that is already the way of in-depth reporting about cosmic events. So, where to start! We are quickly approaching the lunar eclipse on October 8 that is in full effect right now, only to be followed in two weeks from then on October 23 with a solar eclipse in Scorpio that is already in effect. Venus enters Libra where it aligns with the Sun, and Mercury that quickly retrogrades out of Scorpio and back into Libra, thus extending its stay and affect all Libra matters. Some Libra areas are partnerships in business and marriage, legalities, to a degree government influence and all manner of striving to balance everything and bring life into a reasonable order. There may be a lot of paper shuffling and revising contracts. If involved in the court system there may be a need to go back in and change or reform agreements. Partnerships are also being brought to the fore for consideration of how they are functioning and where there is imbalance there will be change or potential conflict if change toward refinement is resisted.

Keep in mind the rules for Mercury retrograde that is about delaying important moves or beginning if you can until the cycle has passed. Be more diligent with communication to lessen misunderstanding. That means to double check messages and read the fine print if you sign contracts. This is a fine time to regroup and reorganize anything and everything.

The Sun and Pluto form a square that is a 90 degree angle of intensity reminiscent of the discussions throughout this year of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The signs are the same which is the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This brings back what is already resonating as major concern and focus on global events with a need for important decisions by government leaders regarding chaos and upheaval. Of course I always bring it home to what it means to you personally although you can consider the bigger world reaction and how, in your own life and environment this is happening. You gain ground by taking stock of basic foundations in your life and how you have structured areas such as security and what is reliable. Think in terms of maintaining first and foremost what matters.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius

While the Moon square Neptune is active at 4:43 AM mirages may distort your view. Muddled thinking and a lack of clarity tends to overtake reason and rationality so move methodically to avoid deception and taking a wrong turn.

Strength and even flowing energy streams in at 6:12 AM from the Moon sextile the Sun that is uplifting and helpful in a general way. There is cooperation, understanding, openness and an easy going progressive spirit to what happens. It is a time to move with what is going right.

At 2:35 PM the Moon conjunct Mars causes a sense of urgency and even an impulsive decision if you are inclined to act before thinking. Watch that you are not acting out of overconfidence or an urge that does not serve a genuine purpose. It can be a time of going too far and moving too fast.

Venus enters Libra at 4:53 PM where it will transit until October 23 and then enter Scorpio, just as the solar eclipse also in Scorpio commences. Venus governs relationships and from a different perspective so does Libra although Libra governs committed unions such as marriage and any definite and declared association including business. Because Venus rules Libra there is a flow of energy to help fulfill goals and connections if you seek it and also seek to harmonize with those where you are already connected. Another avenue ruled by Libra is the legal field, attorneys and laws. Anyone in those professions has more charm and charisma and it is easier to gain good responses from others. If you know where Libra is traveling through your birth chart you may know more about how it is directly influencing your life. It helps to mellow out anything and all connections associated with that placement. For all there is opportunity to smooth out problems and generate more love and appreciation.

At 9:48 PM there is excitement resulting from the Moon trine Uranus. It is great energy for invention, originality, psychic awareness and going in a new direction. New ideas and interests are happening fast and the urge to do something different is strong.

While the Moon trines Jupiter at 11:30 PM you are helped to smooth out emotions and regain a pleasant feeling that is reflected outward toward others. It is a ray of support and generosity.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius

There are no exact lunar or planetary angles today although the Moon in Sagittarius brings in plenty of opportunity to embrace a positive outlook and see the brighter side of things. The full meaning of Sagittarius is unencumbered by other influences. This is a good day to tap into your beliefs and what inspires you to keep going and to take the higher road. Think big and embrace your higher self and aspirations.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn beginning at 12:42 AM until Friday helps to ground and reconnect with what holds meaning for you in areas of structures for maintaining your life and lifestyle. It is a time to consider what you have built thus far and the meaning of it all. There is increased ambition that keeps you on track for holding onto career, home and your earthly environment.

At 3:39 AM the sextile of the Moon and Mercury brings in energy of success with communication and what you need to convey and promote. There is understanding and an ease of getting a point across. It is reconfirming and also helps to take the next step in that area. If you have commitments you want to continue then this helps.

Conflicting energy disrupts interactions at 3:53 AM due to the Moon square Venus. Someone is contrary and objects to current events that causes unsettling energy for friendships, close relationships and socially. It is more of a challenge to get along peacefully.

Gaining extra awareness is easy at 10:01 AM when the Moon sextile Neptune is peaking. There is automatic understanding and even spiritual needs, and spiritual concepts are readily comprehended. This too is a nice booster to creative pursuits.

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn at 3:33 PM, that is the Moon square the Sun, calls for standing your ground where you know you need to maintain your important decisions and past actions. It can be a challenging time when what you have built upon and developed is out of kilter or not quite on course. Decide where you want your strength to be and settle conflict or lessen issues that get in the way of that.

At 7:49 PM the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is strong energy for holding your ground or striving to overcome something important to you. Because it is intense it is best to know what you want to accomplish before you engage in taking a stand as it can just as much cause downfall as it does success.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moon in Capricorn

Take what happens with a grain of salt at 2:12 AM when the Moon and Uranus square. This fleeting energy is unsettling and uprooting so it is best to leave everything alone and not respond to impulsive urges or sudden disruption that goes away as fast as it popped up.

Steps taken are well placed and in a good direction for being able to continue at 12:19 PM via the Moon sextile Saturn. This ray brings in logic, stamina, continuity and order, so gives you all of that with what you endeavor to accomplish or begin.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Expanding awareness and an easier time that allows you to let go and relax begins at 4:01 AM with the Moon in Aquarius that continues until Sunday. It is a time to go with the flow and take life as it comes rather than feeling a need to overcompensate or concentrate when relaxing does just as much good. A more unique approach to life is helpful as well and seeing group energy wherein the good of all versus just one is embraced.

The Moon square Mercury at 7:44 AM throws an obstacle in the way or causes a temporary stop to what is happening. It is not the time to engage when you see someone objects. Allow the time to pass with little involvement or attempt to push or be challenging.

The 11:54 AM trine of the Moon and Venus brings nice energy where you want to connect with another on a personal and social level. There is harmony and an easygoing attitude. People want to get along and connect with one another for happy times.

Adding to the nice pace set by the lunar trine to Venus is the Moon trine the Sun at 9:56 PM. This is strengthening and gives ongoing success for what is begun under its influence. You have reinforcing rays from both the Sun and the Moon.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moon in Aquarius

The ability to keep going and press on is with you at 3:15 AM when the Moon and Mars sextile. There is an ease and flow to the energy and activities where you endeavor to complete a task. This keeps you going so that you can finish what you need to.

The Sun square Pluto at 4:02 AM is a strong vibration and part of the Grand Cardinal Cross that has been written about throughout the year in earlier column publications. The Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are both cardinal signs and so are energetic that is motivating and encourages you to take a stand, step up and declare something you hold dear or as a conviction. Standing strong is a challenge to some so this energy gets attention about what it all means and even to some degree, why. If you are within reason you can clear the air.

New ideas and interest in taking a different approach is the result of the Moon sextile Uranus at 4:19 AM. This helps you to find new ways to accomplish something. Original concepts come to mind easily.

Watch spending you money or going overboard at 7:23 AM when the Moon and Jupiter oppose each other. It may not be an expense or money loss but may be becoming too involved where the end result is empty and lacks substance.

Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio at 12:26 PM for three weeks until October 25 during which time it transits back through Libra. As of now and for a week there is a strong urge to take a risk with money and what you have saved or accumulated based on desire, so it is for you to determine the worth and need of taking such a risk. Because Mercury is now giving a reverse action it is possible that you will need to start over later, after three weeks and you may even find that what you have begun or invested in is ended without a positive outcome. This energy takes you deep within to search your inner motivations about life and where you are going.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Mars Trine Uranus at 12:19 AM is a strong and positive ray to help get you to your intended goal and to give you all the energy you need for success. There is a strong motivation that comes from a bright idea or enthusiastic goal you want to manifest. It is new energy and filled with excitement.

The Moon in Pisces cycle begins at 5:25 AM and lasts until Tuesday of next week giving emphasis on dreams and ideals. Spirituality is more important and the realization that you are a spirit with a higher calling. It is all about the mystery of life along with greater sensitivity to your surroundings.

It is easy to know what others think and mean by what they say while the lunar trine to Mercury peaks at 9:06 AM. The key is clarity and all communication flows along well. This is a good time to make a point and present your thoughts and ideas.

While the Moon conjunct Neptune is active at 1:57 PM your imagination is heightened as is your intuitive ability to perceive and comprehend on several levels of awareness. You are attuned to what is happening around you and sense instinctively motivations and behind the scene actions.

Strength and the ability to reach your goals are enhanced by the 11:20 PM sextile of the Moon and Pluto. It is a go-for-it time that is successful. You have awareness about what you want to do and how to do it along with confidence and fortitude.

For the Week

Key words:

Realize; focus; decision; reaffirm; realign; acknowledge; depth; see


My dreams and goals are strengthened by inner conviction and knowingness.


Gazing at the setting Sun, light shines through a dense cloud that lights my true path.

Colors & Stones:

Malachite; peridot; azurite; bloodstone; sunstone; advent urine; onyx; fluorite

Oils & Herbs:

Sage; lavender; Solomon’s Seal; snow drop’ ylang ylang

Venus in Libra is nice because Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and so is at home within the sign, yet there is still a need to regroup and rethink personal and social connections. The overt energy of Libra is represented by its symbol, the scales that are about precision and balance. Within the cosmic scheme of life and karmic connections that is very much represented by Venus you are in a time from September 29 until October 23 (the solar eclipse day) of working on refining significant connections to others. Where you have formed bonds you are called to resolve issues and restore harmony. Mercury retrograde and in Libra during part of the cycle creates an even more significant spotlight on it all. While in Scorpio, Mercury prods you to delve deep within and find truth, realities you may prefer to avoid and all that will empower you to restore the best kind of alliances for the future. Because of the mix of eclipse energy from both the lunar eclipse in Aries that is the opposite sign of Libra and the solar eclipse in Scorpio that adds power to Mercury you are your own target of investigation and demands you place on yourself.

The empowering rays of Mars and Uranus so positively aligned on Sunday is a great boost of energy for working with your greatest ideas and special dreams that are outside the realm of logic. Inspiration and originality are encouraged and helped along to manifest. Once you have done a personal review of what you want and what is happening it is okay to think big and embrace a greater potential. It can turn possibilities into reality.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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