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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of April 14, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

The Full Moon Eclipse and Opening the Fourth Dimension Resets Your Internal Awareness

The lunar eclipse this week is a rare phenomenon beginning a long cosmic cycle that includes opportunity for change and revolution through it along with other major celestial events now unfolding.

The Grand Cross that is being discussed so much, plus two eclipses this month is not the whole story as some of the energy within the Grand Cross has been in effect since 2012 and will continue until March of 2015 which has been a marker of revolution and change throughout the nations of the world in response to a need for change. There have been many governmental changes and those shifts will continue, as will unrest while people situate and initiate change out of a need for greater wholeness. Action and reaction is activated and all are caught in the need and desire for transformation leading to harmony.

Right now, this week is the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra that is visible in North America and is being reported as a great omen to be watched. There are on the average, four eclipses yearly though this is the first of several lunar eclipses in a row falling on Judaic holy days that many consider significant, and each, based on their own religion is making predictions and suggesting prophetic fulfillments. Where an eclipse is visible it is more powerful and so, as it takes place over one of the United States, is important because of the influence of the nation as a global leader. Because there is more afoot than the eclipse, the ramifications will continue well into next year and much will be in part, a shift of how things are to what they can be or should be according to how much people band together to form alliances. For each individually, the eclipse brings about greater awareness and activity about all Libran things that are legalities, the legal field, justice and judgment, public enmity and those that are contentious, relationships such as marriage and business partnerships and much more where any kind of direct connection has been formed. The scales of Libra are tilting to show you where things are out of balance and where you need to take action to restore it.

The Sun in Taurus cycle beginning April 19 infuses the world with different energy that soothes and calms from Saturday and for the following four weeks. We may rely on the calm nurturing essence of this ray to help maintain composed harmony.

Please note that while mainstream media and many are calling this a "blood moon," the color is more likely to be bright orange. At the moment of this writing, Earth's stratosphere is not dusty (the cause of lunar colors) enough to produce a shadow with the deep red hues of blood. Whatever the color it turns out to be, many from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand may be able to see it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Moon in Libra

Rethinking your approach and what you say is essential while the Moon and Mercury are opposite at 3:02 AM. There may be a need for rewrites and going back over all plans and schedules to ensure everything is in order. Finish up and wind down.

Going all out may seem reasonable but is not the right course at 4:38 AM when the Moon and Jupiter are square each other. There is a compelling urge to jump into things with confidence though the facts are not there or advance planning to be sure about what you are doing. Back away from impulse.

The trend to be impulsive continues with the opposition between the Moon and Uranus at 5:21 AM. There is a tendency to act without thinking first and there is an unpredictable energy in the air that causes mishaps. Take your time when you are in a position where accidents could occur. Moods are erratic and moodiness happens fast though settles down just as quickly.

Wait for the square between the Moon and Pluto to conclude at 6:08 AM before becoming involved with anyone or anything that seems too intense and controlling. This is energy of subversive or negative agendas. It is a time when anyone wanting to take over or gain control for whatever reason may act on it.

The 12:00 PM lunar conjunction to Mars creates suddenness and causes rash moves. Feelings become out of control or exaggerated. If you are feeling very confident but have not thought something through then it is best to slow down and think twice before leaping forward into anything.

Mercury square Jupiter at 2:33 PM cautions you to think about what you are saying and think about it first. Things can move along in a way that they become out of control and will need monitoring. Errors may be discovered during this time and be reworked as well as so much influx that the atmosphere is stymied. This is a time to sift through what is already in place rather than beginning anything new.

Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn at 4:35 PM where it will be until September 22. This easily affects the bigger plans of businesses and governments with a need for reviews and potential reversals in some instances where something was not initiated thoroughly or in good order. Corporations and corporate heads are also influenced to deal with consequences and having to go back over what has been initiated. You may see your own workplace making a shift where restructuring takes place, and also a shuffling of higher authority. Personally your career and how you have established your life and lifestyle will undergo an overhaul of sorts until you refine what you are doing.

Mercury conjunct Uranus at 7:16 PM causes fast thinking! Something could occur to you suddenly and may be an inspiration, a psychic flash or a surprise that you have had an unexpected idea pop up so quickly. This ray of suddenness also may cause the same kind of activities so watch that you are not subjected to the whim of another and take care while driving to avoid the unpredictable. You will likely be alert though it is best to use it to notice what happens around you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Mercury square Pluto at 12:12 AM is worthy to note and pay attention to as it brings out negativity for anyone inclined and also creates harsh energy during travel and communication. If you know someone has a tendency to be aggressive you do well to avoid them, and also stay clear of situations that are calculating and negative. If you feel like going to war, give yourself time to think about what you want to do for the long-term to be sure beforehand of consequences. This is a strong ray when truth can come that you want, or something is said that is regretted.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra peaks at 3:43 AM. As the days leading up to this unfold there is a stronger and stronger determination to have balance and many will go all out to achieve it, or their concept of what that is. Remember that exact balance is a difficult, if not impossible, task to achieve and intention to have it leads to unrest and frustration. Before this time, it is better to have your plans in place and be ready to settle in by now and enjoy the massive energy of this colorful light in the sky. Strive, as the day and time approaches, and during the eclipse phase to work on your own internal balance and ways to establish harmony.

During the transit of the Moon in Scorpio from 12:21 PM until Thursday, sensitivities deep within are stirred and more on your mind. Your instinct is strong and your desire for depth and meaning calls for activities that hold genuine purpose. Everything takes a serious and intentional mindset.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moon in Scorpio

Allow your instinct and intuition to enter your thoughts with consideration of validity. Even telepathy is part of this lunar trine to Neptune at 12:39 AM that brings in ideas and impressions. All creativity is enhanced. You easily enjoy spirit communication.

Mercury opposite Mars at 7:16 AM is an angle to watch with an eye on travel. Watch that you are not being rushed or put in a tight situation where you cannot leave and have flexibility. Someone may be hostile or argumentative that seems unreasonable. Watch that you are not overly intense and aggravated and where you feel tension, take time to calm down and wait for the time to pass.

Niceness is the best definition for the 9:09 AM trine of the Moon and Venus. There is easiness, pleasant attitudes, mellow circumstances and overall a genuinely good energy with which to work. This angle eases any tensions and helps to procure peace and agreement.

A ray of growth and inspiration is the Moon trine Jupiter at 11:48 AM providing you with ways to expand on the positive and grow good intentions. This is an expanding vibration to help you find success and ways to move in a nice direction. It helps with money and expenses.

Reinforcement and growth in a nice way comes from the sextile of the Moon and Pluto at 12:46 PM. This brings strength and a likelihood of a positive outcome from what you begin.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

At 3:10 AM the Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio slows everything down and in some instances it may bring everything to a momentary halt. The atmosphere is cool and lacks connectedness. You may experience someone that is unwilling to meet you half way or prefers to avoid you or something going on. This ray is not good for trying to compel another to take action or see your views. Wait and take a break.

While in Sagittarius from 5:44 PM until Saturday, the Moon brings in optimism and hope. There is faith and joy that life will turn out alright and that there is a higher purpose for what happens. While this lighthearted ray is active, take time to explore your own hopes and expectations for the future and how you can make your life brighter and happier. Embrace the reality that there is a grander scheme to existence. Join with others through higher communication to help manifest it.

Venus trine Jupiter at 9:20 PM is a smooth sailing energy for romance and all social connections. Affection is easy to express and receive and it grows with the slightest motivation. Bounty and generosity are results of this somewhat delicate yet expanding and grand energy. Much may be done on your own behalf and for others, and for a belief. It is a wave of niceness that is a good time for beginnings.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius

Venus sextile Pluto at 5:23 AM is excellent for all artisans in that it provides great perception into ones artistic pursuits and adds great depth to what is created. This angle affects personal relationships, opening doors of perception to gain understanding and almost a knowing about various facets of interactions and feelings. You are drawn to involvement and your feelings and love are enriched. Your interest toward another is strong and intentional with a methodical approach. As well, you may notice how strong feelings are with others and how much conviction is being expressed. The energy is positive because it brings in the ability to engage and follow-through with the likelihood of a good outcome. All creative pursuits are reinforced and have depth.

Double check facts and wait to act on anything that is unclear or dubious until after the 5:43 AM square of the Moon and Neptune has passed. There is confusion and a lack of thoroughness. Avoid agreeing to anything right now due to want of validity or follow-through.

A nice positive boost helps the way you feel at 5:01 PM through the Moon trine Uranus. You receive inspiration and new ideas and can discover new ways to do something. Note anything that comes to mind that strikes your interest and is different.

At 6:20 PM the Moon square Venus causes conflicting goals and is problematic for relationships and social connections. Matters are out of sync and disharmonious so allow room for error and discontent to end.

You are energized by the 8:00 PM Moon sextile Mars. There is an easy going energy that progresses and moves everything along toward a goal. This ray is sustaining for something you may need to do that requires both time and gusto.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

The 7:49 AM trine between the Moon and Mercury is excellent for gaining ground in all communication from sending out notes to personal clarity and the ability to have a breakthrough in realization. It is a good time to begin conversations and present your views where you want a positive response. This as well benefits travel plans.

A smooth flow of energy comes from the 9:18 PM lunar trine to the Sun that is strengthening and brings in clarity of purpose. The time is nice for making contact with others and creating a schedule for times ahead.

Beginning at 9:29 PM the Moon in Capricorn until next Tuesday brings much of your feelings and what you do down to earth with cool logic and sober awareness. Pragmatism and a forthright intention to take care of the business at hand to sustain your lifestyle over time are predominant. You also consider thoughts about security and your fundamental foundations.

The Sun enters Taurus at 11:56 PM instilling relief to the intensity of Aries and Libra energy so active right now. This refined ray gives you an opportunity to take a break, rest and restore vital energy for the times ahead. You are helped to seek simplicity and quality over anything that is frenetic or feels like too much to handle. The true nature of the symbol of Taurus, the Bull, is holding fast to the idea of grazing and languishing in the Sun. You are more aware of financial aspects of your life though you are also interested in refining them so that you are not spending all your time focused there. For the next month you are prodded to relax and settle a bit into graciousness and an easy spirited attitude.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moon in Capricorn

Jupiter square Uranus at 3:25 AM is one of both surprise and caution when you should pay close attention to investments, spending and any urge to go all out where money is involved. You may tend to go too far and in the moment not see errors. Not just with finances, but with all matters, it is best to look before you leap and indulge wholly with anything. A classic scenario is when someone plans a wedding that becomes triple the budget and later, when reality sets in, debt is a regretted burden. This ray brings excitement and enthusiasm to take action. If you are not at risk then maybe you may simply have a very good time enjoying something you love to do. It is at the least, inspiring!

Understanding and easy comprehension flows in from the Moon sextile Neptune at 9:16 AM that helps you to know and have extra information. Communication is easier with a sense of knowing what to say and also comprehension of others thoughts and needs. There is openness for all the senses.

Jupiter opposite Pluto at 6:53 PM is quite suggestive and an energy of caution so that you are not met with strong opposition to your plans or actually stopped for the time being. The bigger a circumstance or event, the more likely this big energy causes something to get in the way. Apply a conservative stance with spending and even with how you make commitments that could be too much to handle in the long-run. This is a strong ray that poses schemes and intentions of power though the purpose should be scrutinized before you become involved. Take a very thorough look beforehand about what you consider doing.

A wild ride or unexpected event is surprising and may be startling that is part of the 8:28 PM square of the Moon and Uranus. Where there are disagreements take a step back and see if you can wait for a better time to discuss issues. Anything can go awry.

During the Moon conjunct Pluto angle at 8:33 PM there is intensity and strong opinions and attitudes. Know what you are doing if you take a stand and be sure you are knowledgeable and aware of all the consequences.

Avoid overspending or investing without restraint during the opposition of the Moon and Jupiter at 8:34 PM that can cause going too far, not just about money but in any area of life.

Sensitivity rises to a peak with the Moon square Mars at 9:57 PM so take your time and avoid jumping into anything volatile or where others are angry. There is uncertainty with this ray that should be countered with caution and a conservative approach.

For the Week

Key words:

Equipoise; realign; order; realize; inquire; balance; align; know; reveal; expand; sense


My internal balance and awareness is activated through all that I feel, see and learn.


Lounging on a park bench in the early evening I hear a clock that is in harmony with my inner rhythm of spirit, and the rising Moon shines an amber pink light of harmony onto my life.

Colors & Stones:

Geranium; fennel; ylang ylang; neroli; sage; carnation; white rose; warm and red colors

Oils & Herbs:

Green tourmaline; sunstone; kunzite; ametrine; aquamarine; diamond; bloodstone

Interesting is that some names for this special April Moon are the Pink Moon, Willow Moon, Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, the Full Fish Moon and the Paschal Full Moon. All these names derive from Native American, Celtic and Druid origins. You may feel drawn to a certain name that could be a spiritual affinity or recognition of another lifetime.

The week begins with the incoming and powerful lunar eclipse and concludes with numerous lunar angles plus Jupiter angled to both Uranus and Pluto that is also impressive.

Mercury is often overlooked as insignificant and dismissed because it morphs and adapts to other planets around it, though this week it is very prominent and while not being talked about in the midst of the eclipse and Grand Cross, it is my opinion that the power of it shines through in rare and great form because of its own major angles to planets and also because it is within the lunar eclipse rays. The day before the eclipse, Mercury squares Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus and then following is opposition to the eclipse point and a square to Pluto. Much of what will happen in the world and for all is being ascribed to the eclipse and the Grand Cross yet right in the middle is the power of Mercury. Everyone will be more acutely aware and influenced by what happens, attitudes will be intense and direct, and internally many will feel rumbling as senses are enhanced. Attuning from a higher perspective this energy is bringing in the fourth dimension where time and space meet. This for you is the ability to comprehend all that happens and when you can perceive a greater understanding of your life. With purposeful intention you may become more naturally enlightened and aware – a kind of expanded consciousness wherein you realize the link of free will in the scheme of the order of the first three dimensions. There is ability to make choices and be liberated into a greater consciousness that is not just uplifting but changes your present and therefore allows you choice for your future.

Next week: Full details about the Grand Cardinal Cross and preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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