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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of September 1, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Riding the Lunar Wave to Fulfillment with the Sagittarius Quarter Moon - Venus and Mercury change your awareness.

During the week both Mercury and Venus change signs and so changes personal energy, as well as bringing about a shift for communication and interactions with others. Mercury in Libra and Venus in Virgo create a dynamic of exactness wherein people have greater expectations and may even go to the limit of being more demanding that usual. Another manifestation is a strong impulse to want specifics, to want everything to be spelled out and exact yet this can cause progress to slow. It is important to understand that what has been happening and what is happening is a complexity rather than simply a problem and from that vantage you can sort out what matters from what you no long need or want to change for more harmony.

Everything is leading up to next Mondays Harvest Moon when it will be full in Pisces. With the energy increasing and the powerful solar trine to Pluto midweek you are in a good position to move things along and get something significant underway. The beginning of the week starts the upward and increasing energy with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius that brings in optimism and a feeling that you can accomplish anything you want to do. Details may fall short but the idea of faith and believing in yourself and what you are doing is strong.

Unique this week is the Mutual Reception of Venus and Mercury which means that, Venus is in Virgo, the sign ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. When two planets are in each other’s ruling sign it is favorable and reinforces the energy of the planets and also the signs plus the house placement in a birth chart. If you want to literally “get it together” regarding friendships, social connections and any other ongoing associations then you are given added reinforcement now and for the rest of the month.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

The 3:18 AM square between the Moon and Venus cause conflicting goals and a lack of progress due to the dissipation of energy. There is a petty quality to this that makes complaints and issues not worth the stress or debate.

The Moon sextile Mercury at 11:40 AM promotes good communication and the ability to comprehend and expressing your ideas is easy. This clarity helps to see details and understand contracts and business matters.

From 1:17 PM until Wednesday the Moon is in Sagittarius that provides an easygoing atmosphere and unending optimism. While details may not be the forte of the time there is an ease of thinking big and having hopefulness to carry you through and bring in happiness. A feeling that things will be alright is easy since this is the sign of faith and belief.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius

Be aware and cautious at 12:20 AM when the Moon square Neptune peaks as it causes muddled thinking or miscommunication. Something is not quite right and while there may be unintentional errors or incorrect statements it is still better to wait for the angle to end before entrusting action to anything you want to be lasting.

Mercury enters Libra at 1:38 AM where it will transit until September 27 and is a blessing for some and a challenge for others depending on your needs and mental stamina. There is a stronger interest in management so that all is in good order that makes preciseness important. If you have needed this kind of help it is rewarding. Because this energy is so exacting there is a tendency to go overboard and try too hard for perfection that can be quite intense. Libra rules relationships that are emphasized and busier with talks and discussions about the give and take of them and what is needed to bring in better balance. This is also the sign of legalities and attorneys which is stirred and more important.

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius at 7:12 AM enlightens you to ideas and any needs to address what you believe and think about your life and all ideologies pertaining to it. It is a time to regain a positive perspective so that you can sort through contracts, formal commitments and anything relating to travel and the destination points. Small things in those areas may need your attention.

A brighter atmosphere is due to the 8:11 AM lunar trine to Jupiter. Things are upbeat and people are enthused and eager to have positive outcomes. There is friendliness and support for all efforts. Allow inspiration to be your guide.

Ideas and new avenues are possible at 5:39 PM when the Moon is trine Uranus. If you feel excited and eager to venture out or delve into something new then you are favored with a good result.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

The Sun trine Pluto at 12:07 PM is a strong ray that is empowering and gives you assurance to keep going and establish what is important to you. Endeavors begun are solid and strong. It is a good time to initiate something you want to be lasting and that projects significance and value.

Life is easygoing and pleasant at 2:07 PM due to the Moon trine Venus. Whatever you want to do socially and romantically receive help and are easier to manifest. There is congeniality and overall pleasantness in the air.

During the Moon in Capricorn days beginning at 6:16 PM until Friday, society and focus shifts to taking care of the bigger picture of life such as matters of security and maintaining what you want to be lasting. Business and career are in the fore as is the structure you have built that you strive to maintain and keep going. People are more serious and even stoic.

Avoid setting your expectations high at 11:05 PM when the Moon and Mercury are square as it places a stumbling block in the way or diminishes the ability to go far, or get anywhere at all. There is a lack of communication and connectedness with others.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moon in Capricorn

Listen to your inner voice and notice small omens and signs that are coming from your higher mind and signals in the environment while the Moon sextile Neptune is active at 4:29 AM. Greater awareness of spirituality and the mystical is stronger. This ray helps the imagination and intuition.

Strong feelings, suppression and potentially too much energy happens at 12:57 PM because of the Moon conjunct Pluto. This is an intense angle so be sure about what you are doing or feel compelled to do so that you avoid going too far without good cause.

Success is a marker of the 2:45 PM Moon trine Sun aspect. It is easy to be accomplished and have all go well. Promotion and putting your best foot forward works in your favor and is boosted in a good way. Others want to also benefit you.

A glitch or halt happens when the Moon squares Uranus at 8:42 PM. Things easily go wrong or you are thrown off course. Disagreements occur without reason but can also go away just as quickly as they popped up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

At 12:58 AM the Moon sextile Saturn benefits work and staying on task. It is a serious time yet also provides a methodical approach that can carry you to your intended goal. Simplicity works best.

The sextile of the Moon and Mars at 11:09 AM instills energy and gusto into what you elect to do. It is a good time to take action and attend to any task that requires more strength. This gives you staying power.

Venus enters Virgo at 1:07 PM where it remains until September 29. You may find you are focused on all the small things in friendships and close relationships that helps to nurture or else irritates because you or someone may be too picky and demanding. This is helpful for creative work in that it gives you a detail oriented perspective, although in life it could make you anxious. There is also an emphasis on health and indulgences as you sort out what works for you and what you should do to maintain everything.

The Moon in Aquarius beginning at 7:59 PM until Sunday creates a cool environment and also one where, even though detached, people are willing to go along with what works best for the good of all. You may feel your own individuality and see a bit of eccentricity in others.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moon in Aquarius

It is easy to gain a good idea of what is going on and to comprehend others at 5:53 AM via the Moon trine Mercury. This is a good time to express your thoughts and feelings and to seek that from others that you want to know better. Your mind is more open and receptive.

Wait to go all out with anything until the 2:12 PM opposition of the Moon and Jupiter is over. There is the urge to go too far and take on too much that cannot be handled. Money is ruled by Jupiter so stay away for deals that look overly promising.

Bright ideas and brilliant mental sparks happen at 9:06 PM because of the nice sextile between the Moon and Uranus. Inspiration flows in as does a feeling of newness or that there is something on the way right around the corner. Give consideration to thoughts that are different from your usual way of seeing things.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Plan to take a break or not to expect much to happen at 1:33 AM when the Moon is square Saturn. There is withdrawal or others are less inclined to cooperate or even continue what they are committed to do. This negative energy is not a time to begin anything you want to be around for a long time and is to be avoided if you are trying to gain an inroad for the future.

At 1:20 PM the Moon square Mars is disruptive and unsettling. It causes skirmishes and a break, either in communication or with something such as an item. Avoid taking risks where you could have an accident and stay away from angry people who are ready to rumble.

The Moon in Pisces cycle from 7:48 PM until Monday of next week brings in the Full Moon energy so from now until the lunar peak your sensitivity is heightened and your attunement to your surroundings is exaggerated. Compassion runs high that helps to gain greater understanding of reasons why certain circumstances are the way they are. You are more tuned into your dreams and spirituality.

For the Week

Key words:

Aware; optimism; inspiration; exact; balance; weigh; consideration; determination; commune


I am inspired to create a harmonious environment that allows greater awareness of my higher purpose.


Watching the Moon rise under clouds and hearing a fog horn in the distance I feel the cool of the early evening air and my harmony with the universe.

Colors & Stones:

Amethyst; turquoise; ruby; azurite; malachite; smoky quartz

Oils & Herbs:

Frankincense; cypress; carnation; eucalyptus; sage; myrrh; sandalwood

The week is a highly energized cycle that leads to the Harvest Moon in Pisces next Monday. Energy is growing and strength is building. Mercury and Venus change signs that shifts consciousness of your needs and desires as well as bringing in a new way to look at life and how to make decisions. Mercury in Libra can cause too much in the way of demanding perfection that is an ideal but it is better to seek harmony through discrimination and refinement. Venus in Virgo can also cause too much intensity toward expectation of others, especially in close associations, in relationships and socially. On the negative Mercury so placed causes judgment and Venus here creates too much focus on small details. Both planets can makes you too worried and unhappy because you cannot achieve your desired idea of perfection. The higher octave of this is realization that there are many small events and interactions that are complex, so recognizing the gray areas gives understanding and wisdom. Karmically you can see the interconnected grid between you and others, you and community, and extending out into the world. Finding purpose and reason is a beneficial activity and seeking to become more aware of the many nuances of life helps you to evolve and have peace where things are not quite in the order you consciously may prefer.

The Mutual Reception of Mercury and Venus provide strength in personal ways. You have conviction for your desires and clear thoughts about all the facets of manifesting them. Both Virgo and Libra are task makers in that they ask for precision and details yet the positive side is easily brought forth. You are fortified with productive communication and advantageous connections to others. There is every opportunity to make whatever you want to work out happen. The uphill climb holds some joys and opportunities that are enlightening about more to come in the future.

Yours in Truth,


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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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