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Sandraís Celestial Compass for the Week of August 25, 2014

By: Sandra Helton, PhD

Focus and Purpose Saves the Day Ė The Virgo New Moon paves the road for managing and staying on track.

The week begins with several major planet alignments, all on the day of the New Moon in Virgo that collectively will resonate for the next two weeks. All along, tension has grown as has been witnessed through world events. On August 14 the Moon and Uranus were occult that seemed to cause a glitch in events, sudden change without notice or logic and also in July the Moon occulted Mars and Saturn that brings us to where we are today, with a direct alignment of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. It is disconcerting and worth observing the results of this most frustrating and energy blocking vibration that is and will be shown in the news and all around you in the environment. There are numerous examples from deadly viral outbreaks to civil unrest and extreme violence that holds the attention of the world. As mentioned last week, we are already under the rays of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse in October that is preceded before by a lunar eclipse in Aries where Uranus is currently transiting. Putting it all together makes for a disconcerting soup of unrest and frustration with a real concern about what will happen next. Iím seeing the collective conscious take both a difficult and also a high road that keeps society split and struggling to hold on and maintain a sense of inner peace and unity.

There is a lot of good energy happening, especially from Mercury that right now helps to establish positive communication and inroads to progress. As you begin the week with a New Moon to help you to have a good start and other positive celestial influences you can find ways to reinforce your own place in the world. Small things can make a big difference so all those seeming lesser tasks gives strength in subtle but significant ways, resulting in a sense of order and the peace that comes from accomplishment. Virgo and its ruler, Mercury calls for focus and compartmentalizing so that you are not overwhelmed and become lost in the bigger energy of Mars and Saturn. If you are Scorpio or have Scorpio strong in your birth chart such as a Scorpio ascendant, or Moon or a group of planets there then you will feel it in a strong way. To some extent Leo, Aquarius and Taurus will also feel it as if being behind the eight-ball. We are all reminded of mortality and immortality. The best way to reach beyond it is to embrace the higher octave that is about focus and purpose and using time as management for all things.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moon in Leo/Virgo

Mercury sextile Mars at 4:47 AM is a great mental boost that makes it easier to think and maintain your ideas as well as accelerate some of them toward manifestation. Energy is heightened that influences travel, all communication and there is more gusto in your steps and words.

The Moon in Virgo cycle from 5:33 AM until Wednesday begins paving the way for plans and management as needed and where you may want to realign your routine. This is about having everything in good order that encompasses health and work. Rather than fretting or becoming distracted it is helpful to create a way to get going with less clutter or anything that is time or energy wasting.

Venus trine Uranus at 5:38 AM is very encouraging and motivating in part because both planets are in the fire element that adds vigor to what you do. New ideas and ways of living are on the table as well as new ways of interacting socially. This is great energy to find your own unique way to live your life so that you have more inner harmony and not as much subjected to the whim or negativity of others. Originality is the key to carving out your own path.

Mercury sextile Saturn at 8:30 AM gives you a strong foundation for anything requiring a contract or long-term agreement. This is a positive ray for endurance and longevity. There is security and the ability for something to endure and be established in a solid way. There is a forthright energy to this time and what is done.

The Virgo New Moon at 10:13 AM begins two weeks of building, one step at a time and one brick at a time wherever you have a need or desire. This cycle is a good building block of time to help you gain better organization and move something along for endurance when other factors emerge that could be challenging. Whatever you begin and get underway is certainly supported.

Mars conjunct Saturn at 3:30 PM in Scorpio simply rubs some the wrong way and can cause all manner of blocks or breakdown. Conserve energy and avoid being pulled into emotions of frustration or anguish. Where you are frustrated or things are complicated, take a break and rethink what is essential, and what can be postponed or moved to a later time when this energy has subsided.

At 6:15 PM the Moon opposes Neptune causing a lack of understanding or some kind of deception. There may be simple misunderstanding although someone might not be on the up-and-up. Avoid commitments right now until you can see more clearly.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moon in Virgo

Strength and fortitude is there at 4:08 AM when the Moon trine Pluto peaks. It is a great time to tackle whatever calls for conviction and dedication. You have follow-through and the will to carry forth whatever you want to achieve. It is easy to acquire support or others to go along with you.

Venus square Saturn at 2:23 PM lessens joy or enthusiasm, especially in your social or personal life. This vibration easily blocks creative efforts and in some instances can cause a poor product or outcome. People are not as willing to cooperate or get along and so gatherings are less enjoyable. It is energy of reservation and doubt.

The 5:20 PM sextile of the Moon and Saturn provides a sustaining energy to keep you going and it can also be stabilizing. Cool detachment is good in that it allows you to be objective and logical.

Moving along and an ease to keep going comes from the 6:38 PM lunar sextile to Mars. Pacing and plodding serves the purpose and moves you forward.

The mind is quick and thoughts are fast while the Moon conjunct Mercury is peaking at 10:29 PM. Most everything goes okay and progress is easy so tackle what you need to do for work, any paperwork and all communication.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moon in Virgo/Libra

Venus square Mars at 11:46 AM is not a time to make a personal commitment, begin an engagement or marriage or whatever you want to continue. Feelings and desires are not in sync and another or others are not on the same page as you. An intended goal may not be fulfilled. Rethink what you want and plan to seek it at a better time.

At 5:54 PM the Moon enters Libra where it transits until Saturday. Life becomes more about what is working and what is not, measurement of interactions and negotiations are called for evaluating details and specifics. Watch that you are not pulled into the concept of perfection and that you find ways to refine what needs adjusting.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Moon in Libra

A good time to embrace what is going well is 12:44 PM when the Moon and Jupiter sextile that provides opportunity and easiness. Taking steps forward turns out well. People get along and it is easy to be productive.

Stay away from intense situations and anywhere others are arguing with the purpose of winning at all costs at 4:03 PM when the Moon is square Pluto. There is too much intensity and impulse to go too far where someone could take advantage of another.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Moon in Libra

At 1:31 AM the Moon opposite Uranus causes mood swings and an unsettling atmosphere. Something can suddenly fall apart or be disrupted. Everything is abrupt and unpredictable so wait to invest trust or expectation until this ray has passed.

The Sun opposite Neptune at 10:33 AM brings confusion and uncertainty. Little is clear or above board so wait to become involved with anything and proceed with caution where you need to remain involved. This is a good time for introspection and evaluating your own inner feelings so that you learn what you really feel and think. Dreams may be strong and seem more involved than at other times.

The 12:00 PM lunar sextile to Venus is nice for gaining ground with someone you care about. Where you want to impress someone this is a helpful energy. It is easy to obtain trust and commitments.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

From 4:53 AM until next Tuesday the Moon is in Scorpio. You are aided to think deeply and see with details as you need to gain understanding and more information. Thoughts are deep and serious and what you want takes on extra importance. You can get to the bottom of something as research and investigation are helped.

While the Moon trine Neptune is active at 4:42 PM you have mental clarity and intuitive awareness. Instinct and intuition is enhanced as is the imagination. If you need to work with the psychic sense or use your creative ability you are helped along.

A nice stable energy comes from the 7:17 PM Moon sextile the Sun. It is easy to get along and work with groups as well as manage and have cooperation. This is energy that glides toward success.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moon in Scorpio

Think twice before spending money while the Moon square Jupiter is in effect at 12:01 AM. This angle causes either loss or going too far in the wrong direction, even though everything looks good. There is a subtle excitement or enthusiasm that can cause taking a risk.

At 2:10 AM the Moon sextile Pluto brings in power and strength that is helpful and strengthening. What is done has an element of success and an ability to make something happen.

While the Moon conjunct Saturn angle peaks at 3:11 PM take time to rethink what may be problematic and if you can, wait out the time before acting on anything that is difficult. Something is held up or goes wrong. Pessimism reigns. This conjunction is exact, making it occult that is the Moon for the moment blocking the rays of Saturn leaving a gap or concern about what to do.

Vim and vigor comes through the conjunction at 9:52 PM between the Moon and Mars. Have a clear idea of where you are going and what you are doing as an impulsive move or rash decision causes breakdown.

Key words:

Consideration; plan; methodical; plow; patience; maintain; realize; maintain; stance; progress


Time favors me with realization and awareness of all purposeful actions.


Approaching a wooden fence flanked with overgrown brush I exert strength and open it into a lush garden of sustenance and a bubbling spring that nourishes and sustains me.

Colors & Stones:

Sardonyx; blue topaz; chrysocolla; citrine; jasper; blue sapphire; carnelian

Oils & Herbs:

Geranium; corn flower; basil; thyme; lily; mandarin; lemon verbena; sandalwood

We conclude the week with the Moon not just conjunct Saturn at 3:11 PM but in a position that is termed, occult or occultation, meaning that it is it at the exact same position of 18 degrees and 37 minutes in Scorpio, and the Moon blocks Saturnís energy at that time. This occurred August 4 and also with an occultation this month on August 14 of the Moon and Uranus creates a month of unique intensity compounded by Mars conjunct Saturn on Monday, the day of the Virgo New Moon. Putting it all together it is clear that there has been and is, as the month concludes much tension and even frustration as a result of blocks and things just not going exactly right or predictable.

So how do you take the high road in the middle of worry and concern for all that is happening in the world and in your own life? This is one of those periods when taking a day at a time gets your farther than attempting to take a big leap. Living in the present helps too, to have peace and lessen or prevent stress. Virgo is the sign of worry and fretting about everything and it has your attention in a big way due to the frustrating rays of Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Many are saying to themselves, what if, should I, and so on as doubt creeps in sometimes without warning. The collective conscious is about how society as a whole and the world in general reacts to cosmic events and the lesser octave is obvious when war breaks out or there is civil unrest and negativity. The equal opportunity is for the exact intensity to manifest from a positive perspective of harmony. Regardless of what happens, you are in it and how you decide to respond not only makes a difference for your own life outcome but adds to the potential for societyís evolvement toward the higher choice of manifestation. Putting it simply, by taking the high road and creating peace where you can within your own environment you strengthen the possibility for everyone else to have it. This current cosmic pattern calls for starting each day with clarity of purpose that is helped by Mercury so that you generate inner peace and also have sustained order from day to day that builds into a lifestyle. It is living with attention to details and simplicity in a manner that becomes living in the present.

Yours in Truth,


All times Eastern

Copyright Sandra Helton 2014


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The list below is relative to GMT that is the beginning point for all global time zones.

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The Cosmic Plan


Sandra Helton, PhD

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