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Choose where you want your wrinkles

By: Dr. Lee Jampolsky

The following is from Dr. Jampolsky's book, Smile for No Good Reason.

Dr. Jampolsky was my guest on IE Radio in March of 2001. To listen to our conversation, click here.

We are a culture obsessed with youth. Billions of dollars are spent every year on wrinkle creams, facials, tummy tucks, breast implants, and the like.

I may not have a choice about getting wrinkles, but I do have a choice in how they are developed. When I am ninety, I want to have deep lines around my eyes from countless moments of joy. I want those smiles to have come from knowing how much I am loved by God and how much love I have to give. I want to have upturned lines around my mouth from holding a gentle smile for all humanity for at least a few hours each day. I want my hands to be creased from years of touching and giving to others. I want my forehead to be lined with thoughtfulness and free from frowns. I want my arms to have worked hard in both reaching out and in receiving. I want my heart to be alive with love the moment it ceases to beat, and trust that love will live forever.

I am not sure how marketable it would be in a climate where people pay big bucks to get rid of their wrinkles, but what about a Smile-Wrinkle Development Program? Instead of creams and surgeries, the focus would be on thoughts and attitudes. Every morning and evening, and as much time during the day as possible, you would think thoughts that make you smile. Below are a few examples. Begin your Smile-Wrinkle Development Program today by practicing these thoughts and making some up for yourself.

  • To everyone I offer joy, gentleness, and peace.
  • I will receive what I am giving now.
  • The peace of God radiates in and around me.
  • Forgiveness is my only goal today.
  • Being happy is natural and important.

Positive expressions and feelings are contagious - you see someone smile and it tends to make you feel good and smile yourself. Start an epidemic of smile-wrinkles in your family and community.

The only real elixir for becoming

ageless is loving kindness.

It can't be bought,

but it can be given and received.


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