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Female and Over 40

When I was performing on stage in Las Vegas, people used to ask how old I was. My reply: "Let me put it this way. This leg is twenty seven and one half and this leg is twenty seven and one half." That was a few years ago. I'm proud to say my legs are each a little bit older now.

My legs, and the rest of me, are learning that getting older is not necessarily easier. We live in a culture that views age as a detriment and a limiting disability. Youth is an obsession. To top that, growing older seems to have a new definition, which some of us would call youth. In my profession, and many others, you are considered old at the blissful age of thirty-something.

We have developed a society that has made the abstract determination that just when a person is waking to their own spirituality and experiencing a wonderful time of life, he/she becomes useless and not capable of contributing to that society. Nothing could be further from the truth!

"We, whose legs have each lived 20 years or more, are the dominant age group..."

We, whose legs have each lived twenty years or more, are the dominant age group; collectively there are more of us than anyone else.

However, you wouldn't know it from the products, advertising and movies that cater to the ages between 14 and 25. For some reason the people who call the shots of what we see, hear and buy, seem to feel that the dominant age group spends little if any money.


I love movies, they are a huge part of my life. But I want more than pyrotechnic and special effects, bombs going off, guns being fired and people being killed. That's fun sometimes, but I want more. I want people. Their stories. Their experiences. I like to go to movies that make me laugh or cry because the scene is real and could happen to any of us. Many people that are in the industry and those who are not, want more, too.

If you feel that movies are catering to the 14 to 25 age bracket and ignoring a major mass of the population, contact the studios. Let them know what those of us with older legs want to see on the big screen.


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