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Aging as a Man

My research done on this topic was fairly extensive. After all, it's been a couple of lifetimes since I was a male.

Times, like lifetimes, have changed and today men are much more conscientious of their health and what happens in and to their physical bodies. As you grow older, your body experiences change. It doesn't matter if your male or female; that's just a fact of aging.

In a way, men are very fortunate. A woman gets old while a man becomes distinguished. A woman wrinkles, but a man develops facial character. A woman turns gray-headed, but a man turns silver. So goes life.

Men are more fortunate in another respect as well. Much more time, money and energy has been devoted to science, research and healing of male physiological problems. Until a few years ago, virtually all stress-related research was conducted on men. (I guess women weren't supposed to get stressed.) Truth is, both genders are stressed to the breaking point. But, according to studies, there is a tremendous difference in how the genders treat their stress.

Women, the yin energy of the universe, are more prone to mediate, use herbs and practice holistic therapies such as aromatherapy. Men, the yang energy of the universe, tend to be linear thinkers that have been taught that if it doesn't create pain, can't be seen and doesn't come with a fever and chills, it isn't real. Male logic takes the lack of tangible symptoms into account and dismisses the complaint; ignore the problem it will go away. Stress can't be seen or thumped on, but the results of it are real.

It is true that there are men in denial, and those numbers are growing, and there are men that strive to be healthy. The bottom line on stress is that denial does not work and stress is killing them. It is a serious problem that can be controlled. You might want to try some of the stress-buster ideas listed in the health and aging section.

On the upside, men seem to understand that the body has requirements and needs that must be seen to. A friend, who owns a classic sports car, told me he views the upkeep of his body the way he does his car. If he doesn't take care of it, it will fall apart and stop running. He is religious when it comes to basic maintenance such as nutritional supplements, plenty of water and sleep.

Men have also learned that a sedentary life is a detriment to their health. Even if they may be stuck behind a desk all day, they know that a few minutes of daily exercise can reduce stress and help keep them fit. I have two male friends that are classic examples of maintaining physical fitness as you age. They are a doubles team in the senior tennis league and will be playing at Wimbelton. I won't name names or give exact ages, but collectively they are over 150 years old. Aging gracefully seems to be primarily a mental exercise.


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